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My heart is beating for you beautiful. Strings that never run out of resonance, the rhythmic chanting of yearning. Reverb tones compose symphony of love of our lives. In the roar of the waterfall, the wind that blows in the leaves
the chirping of the birds and the hum of bamboo groves. Always we hear soulful musicthat gracefully.
Let the sunlight fall on your face. I'm happy to see the natural beauty of the windows of your heart. A clumpof love poems. Sehamparan world and a future that rose up to nirvana. Did not I put myself rain to removethe dust of the past. Is not kubalut sky with a rainbow and I picked a rose for you. And really, I can onlylove you.
Only you are in my heart, in dekapku. A fireplace is always burning in the flames of love. Warmth is floodedher cheeks with tears. Drizzle turned it into a rainbow painted on the edge of twilight. Your body is a blanketfor my soul, I am the embodiment panasmu fire. You are a beautiful mountain, I am burning magma.
I'm happy to live in your heart. Carve lembahmu with rivers flowing from the lake in my eyes. An springs for you, on the edge there is always illuminated by the light Mahligai, from the windows just looks beautifulscenery. Love that trail up and down roads in the valleys of romance. Like a wave in which we spend timeswinging.
HEART RHYTHM HEART RHYTHM Reviewed by Efen Zhou on October 11, 2011 Rating: 5

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